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Venom Profile

NAME: Eddie Brock

APPEARANCE: Venom has the same basic appearance of The Alien Symbiote Costume with the addition of a rather large mouth complete with numerous teeth, a large tongue and occasionally green drool. The costume also retained it's ability to change color and appearance to resemble all types of clothing, or it's surroundings.

POWERS: Venom is considerably more bulky than Spider-Man and considered to be stronger. His strength is increased geometrically by the symbiote that he merged with, i.e. the stronger Eddie Brock's body, the more it is enhanced by the symbiote. Some of Venom's powers are copied from Spider-Man including a supply of organic webbing that he can fire from his wrist without the aid of web shooters, and the ability to cling to walls and surfaces. Venom has the abilty to block himself from Spider-Man's spider-sense.

VULNERABILITIES: The symbiote's main weakness is sound. Sonic blasts and very loud noises send it into a state of severe shock. The symbiote is completely merged with Eddie Brock and it is unknown whether it can be completely removed via sonics. Venom is also vulnerable to fire, and to his own twisted code of honor which prevents from harming those he deems to be innocents.

ORIGIN: Eddie Brock was a reporter for the Daily Globe. While investigating recent crimes by a masked man know as the Sin-Eater, Eddie believed that he had discovered the Sin-Eater's identity. After publishing the story, Sin-Eater was captured by Spider-Man and revealed to be a different man than Eddie had suspected. Eddie lost his job, and gained an intense hatred of Spider-Man, whom he felt was to blame for his mistake. Eddie Brock's life hit a downward spiral which culminated with Eddie comtemplating suicide in an empty church. As fate would have it, this was the same church were Peter Parker was finally able to rid himself of the Alien Symbiote. Sensing Eddie's weakness, the symbiote attacked and was finally able to completely bond with it's host. The Symbiote's hatred of Peter-Parker combined with Eddie's hatred of Spider-Man to create Venom, a villain that has continued to terrorize Peter Parker and his family for years.