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Electro Profile

NAME: Maxwell Dillon

APPEARANCE: Max has short brown hair. He wears a Green and Yellow jumpsuit, and sometimes sports a yellow star-shaped mask with a lightning motif. He is oft seen with lightning like bolts of energy coming from his eyes and hands.

POWERS: Dillon can store and release massive amounts electricity and electrostatic energy. His body is an excellent capacitor which absorbs energy from almost any electrical source. On occasion, he has levitated in fields of static electricity, but this costs Dillon greatly in power.

VULNERABILITIES: Water, electrical circuits and even electricity itself have been used to overload or short-circuit Max's abilities. His greatest weakness is his rampant overconfidence.

ORIGIN AND HISTORY: Maxwell Dillon was a lineman for a New York City power company. One day, while working on high voltage wires, he was struck by lightning which channeled millions of volts of electricity through his body. Somehow, instead of dying, he became an electrical dynamo and embarked on a life of crime.
After years of defeat, Electro allied with organized crime and subjected himself to a painful series of power-ups in an electrical chair. He can now mentally control electricty on a much higher level. He can disrupt static charges and even interrupt the electrical synapses of the human body.